Culture Fantasy: One on One with Allen Iverson

I know many people think the ultimate fantasy One on One game would be with MJ or Kobe. Heres my arguement for AI.

-His 1 on 1 moves were the best ever. He could take the best defender in the world off the dribble to the hoop, cross him up and pull up, or just shoot it in his eye. His moves had swagger, his game had game, and you could learn so much just by playing him

-He wont play much defense! The other 2 guys are very competitive and wont let you get a point. AI will get mad lazy and youll actually put up some points.

-He wont call fouls. He’s from the hood where they dont call fouls so you can hack him to get an edge. Hell also talk so much trash..disses you never heard in your life before that will be great material for your next 1 on 1 vs a fellow white unathletic charles.

-AI will smoke a blunt with you after the game. MJ and Kobe will probably go home and watch game film of the match with a glass of wine.


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