Top 10 Athletes to get drunk with

1) MJ

-He knows how to party, and burgahs cant resist. GOAT

mj drunk

2) Shaq

-Sober Shaq is hilarious..imagine drunk Shaq

shaw drunk

3) John Daly


john daly

4) Sir Charles Barkley

-“Charles do you regret anything about what you did?” (Regarding tossing someone out of a bar window)

-“Yeah, I regret we werent on the second story”


5) Babe Ruth

-You know theres gonna be a great plate of food waiting at home after the night


6) Mike Tyson

-Wild card…never know where the nights gonna go


7) Maria Sharapova

-Heard she likes to pley when drunk


8) John Mcenroe


9) Tiger Woods

-Tiger is at 9 because theres a chance hell be a pussy, but a bigger chance hell snap back into rowdy Tiger and have a fucking night.


10) Kevin Garnett

-You know youre getting into a bar fight…

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