My Take on Top 10 Athletes to Party With

I wasn’t going to write this list but I hated Tack’s so much I thought I would give it a go. I can’t believe he snubbed my #1.

10. Brad Marchand

Marchand had himself quite a summer after the Bruins won Lord Stanley’s cup in 2011. Him and his old pal Tyler Seguin were not shy about celebrating the victory at all.


9. George Brett

Just watch this video.

8. John Rocker

Rocker was an absolute PSYCHOPATH. There are rumors that John Rocker is gay, Rocker hates jews, couldn’t care less. This guy could play for me any day of the week.


7. John Daly (Tack got one right)

A real life happy Gilmore, John’s strongest when he gets past the 18th and moves onto the 19th hole.


6. Joe Namath

Broadway Joe was the original Johnny Football, always taking advantage of the women and drinking in NYC.

5. Mike Napoli

The entire post world series debacle that was Mike Napoli’s celebration is plenty of reason to put him up at the top of this list. Who wouldn’t have wanted to be out there with Nap getting absolutely wrecked and pretty much wandering around the greatest city in the world shirtless?

4. Mickey Mantle

When “Mick” was asked what his fondest memory at Yankee Stadium by NYY, he responded with this:

Mickey Mantle Blow Job Close Up

and this is a sweet ad:


3. Patrick Kane


Kaner is serious in the front, and party in the back come playoff time. He also had a summer similar to Marchand’s, but it was even funnier because he beat the shit out of a cab driver for 7 cents on the way.

2. Wade Boggs

This is a story told from a teammate about Wade Boggs on a cross country flight that tells enough of the story of why he’s so high on the list.

I’m not kidding you Steve. Seriously. Wade was the kind of guy who was always the first one at the club house. So he’d get to the clubhouse, and he’d bring a six pack with him. He’d be
there drinking a beer when someone showed up, and as we were all
packing our stuff up out of our lockers and getting our bags ready for
the trip, Wade would sit there and drink that whole six pack.Now, at the time, we were flying out of New Jersey, so it was somewhat of a drive from Yankee stadium to the airport in New Jersey. Wade would drink another couple of beers on the bus to the airport. At the time, we were flying this older airplane, it couldn’t make it
across the country without refueling, and it wasn’t the fastest
airplane in the sky. So we would stop in North Dakota or something.
Wade would drink about a half rack between New Jersey and North Dakota,
and it would take about a half-hour to an hour to refuel once we got
there, so he’d have a few more beers while we were grounded in North
Dakota. Once we got back up in the air, Wade would drink another 10, 11, 12
beers on the way out to the west coast. The whole flight from coast to
coast ususally took us well over 7 hours. We’d touch down at Sea-Tac,
hop on the bus headed to the Kingdome, and Wade would have another beer
or two on the bus. Then, all of us would get to the Kingdome and unpack
our bags and sit around and BS with eachother, and Wade would have a
beer in his hand the entire time. He was always one of the last people
to leave the club house too. So I’d say that all in all, he drank over
50 beers on the trip, and this wasn’t just an isolated incident, he did
that almost every time.

1. Johnny Manziel, (Johnny Football)

If this guy isn’t number one on your list then you’re fucking tapped. The fact he didn’t even MAKE Tack’s list is a borderline sin. Please try to explain to me what isn’t cool about JFF? Anybody? JFF is far and away the coolest athlete out there right now (Tied with TB12), up there with Leo for overall people I would want to throw a few back with.


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