Charles of the Day: Charles V. Bush

Charles of the day:  Charles V. Bush

Charles V. Bush (December 17, 1939- November 5, 2012) was an African-American pioneer, retired senior corporate executive and former U.S. AIR Force Officer. After transferring from Howard university, where he had been studying electrical engineering and was inducted into Alpha Phi Alpha(he got burgahs), he reapplied to the Air Force Academy, where he was accepted. He was one of the first three African-American cadets to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy and was the first African American to graduate from there. After his resignation from the Air Force, Bush attended Harvard Business School, majoring in Finance. Subsequent to graduating from Havahd, Bush worked on wall street and thereafter was an entrepreneur. Mr. Bush, you are the perfect archetype of hard work and dedication. Your acts of gallantry are not only inspiring to minorities, but to anyone that is subject to adversity and is at odds with bolstering their career. Thank you, Charles, for serving our country, being a virtuous human being, and being the quintessential perfect American citizen.

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