Top 10 Sports Movies

10. Hoosiers
Hoosiers is a classic underdog story based on the true story of Norman Dale and the rural Indiana town of Hickory and their High School basketball team that become unlikely champions. Best character is the town drunk Shooter, this is a classic film that everyone should see once. Many will say this needs to be higher, but sorry they can make their own list.

9. D2 Mighty Ducks
The 2nd movie in the trilogy, something about patriotism and rooting for USA along with the introduction of my favorite Duck all time Dean Portman makes this my favorite Mighty Ducks all time. An underrated part of the movie is Gunnar Stahl. He’s incredible. Nobody wants to talk about it because he choked at the end but he had to make the league right? Guy was the leading scorer in the tournament and I don’t think it was even close.

8. For Love of the Game
For Love of the Game is the Kevin Costner movie the slipped through the cracks. Incredibly underrated. Obviously the other two baseball movies on this list are better, that’s why they’re ranked in the top 5. Those are elite movies. But there is something about For Love of the Game that always gets me. That’s all I’m going to say because I want you to go watch it and tell me how good it is on your own.
PS: Vin Scully narrating is so fucking awesome I can’t stand it.

7. Caddyshack
Another one of Dad’s favorite movies, this one is a classic comedy with the two characters stealing the show being Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray.
“It’s the Slobs vs. the Snobs at exclusive, blue-blood Bushwood Country Club. Judge Smails (Ted Knight) tries desperately to maintain the dignity of the institution, even as boorish outsiders like real estate developer Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) intrude on the serenity of the place.
The working-class caddies, such as Danny Noonan (Michael O’Keefe), try to earn a little money and the slightest crumb of respect from the wealthy patrons who golf there. Noonan tries desperately to ontain the Bushwood (college) scholarship, though his efforts to kiss up to the Judge Smails prove futile. After a series of misadventures, and a climactic final gold tournament, Czervik shows the Judge who’s really the best golfer at Bushwood.” I found this review on IMDB and liked it so it’s now my review.

6. The Sandlot
The movie embodies all that is and was great about 1950’s and early 1960’s America. We have the straight “A” student who is befriended by the most poplular boy in the neighborhood. Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez is the boy that everyone wants to be friends with and who sticks up for the little guy. The movie could not be better written, directed or cast. An absolutely perfect movie that shows the best of America through the innocent eyes of our forgotten youth. The narration is done by the now grown-up nerdy kid that is adopted by the cool baseball playing neighborhood kids. He learns about the most important part of being a 12 year old kid, baseball and the pure joy that playing with your best friends brings. Through trial and error, they grow and mature, eventually moving on in their lives. Yet, Smalls and The Jet remain close, as Smalls, still the intellect, is a sports announcer and The Jet is the great Major League player.If you don’t love this film, you have no heart and love for America and baseball.

5. Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights is a movie that shows just how seriously they take High School football down in Texas. Any kid who grew up playing football or being a fan of football has seen this movie more than once. Contrary to popular belief, the show is actually a little better than the movie, and that’s not a knock on the movie (Hey Tim Riggins)
PS: Boobie Miles is a top 5 athlete and seeing him go is one of the saddest things all time. So much untapped potential. — :””'(

4. Field of Dreams
A virtual tie with Bull Durham, this is more of a 3A and 3B. But Field of Dreams is the perfect story in believing in something that may be larger than you, or larger than life itself. Anyone who has ever wanted to play catch with their Dad in the back yard loves this movie.

3. Bull Durham
Everybody’s Dad’s favorite movie, Bull Durham is the story of a minor league baseball team, the Durham Bulls, that trades for a lifetime Minor Leaguer Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) to help reign in the talents of potential star Nuke Laloosh (Tim Robbins). This is also probably the funniest sports movie all time, with some of the funniest one liners and scenes all time. Here are a few for you to enjoy.

2. Remember the Titans
Remember the Titans is a story about a high school in Alexandria, Virginia that hired Coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) to take over as the team’s head football coach. As most people would expect the team to unravel due to the brutal racism in Virginia at the time, the team came together and put together a magical season culminating in a state championship, and a changed city.

1. Miracle
And finally number 1. Easily number one all time for me and it’s not that close. This movie is based on the story of the 1980 USA Olympic Men’s Hockey team that beat the previously unbeatable Soviets on their way to a Gold Medal. The Miracle on Ice took place during the Cold War, which made the victory that much more important for the American people, who were looking for something to be excited about. With the world watching, the US team did their part and beat the USSR 4-3 in the greatest upset in sports history.

“Do you believe in Miracles?! YES!” – Al Michaels

Best of the Rest:
Raging Bull, Slap Shot, Rocky, We are Marshall, NOT Rudy. Rudy fucking sucks. I hate the movie Rudy. Everyone had a Rudy on their team at one point and nobody in the history of sports has ever liked that person.

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