Pussification of Culture: Keep the Redskins, the Redskins

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Blog written by: Captnjack24

Want to know something this country is beginning to get away from far too often? Tradition. Tradition is what separates us from being some Podunk, 3rd world piece of shit that nobody wants to be a part of. This is no more evident than in sports. Tradition is what separates the Boston Red Sox from the Miami Marlins, and tradition is the reason that the Washington Redskins should keep their nickname.

Now I understand the liberal argument about hurting feelings and all that whiny bullshit about how if a team was named the Pittsburgh Jews there would be an uproar wah wah wah. A BBC News Magazine online article by Tom Geoghegan (posted 9/13/2013) deals with the history of the term “redskins.” The term Redskins was actually a term the Native American’s used to distinguish themselves from the European settlers. So cry me a river about the term, you’re the ones who started it. The Washington Redskins are one of the most well established franchises in the NFL. This is a franchise that was established 82 years ago, has 3 Super Bowl Championships, 23 playoff appearances, and one of the largest followings in professional football. It’s ludicrous to suggest that a team change their nickname that they’ve held for over 8 decades (I know they started as the Boston Braves for a few years but same idea let’s not nitpick here). If you changed the team’s name you would be taking away from the tradition and history that has been established by this proud franchise. There’s a legacy and tradition behind that name, and that’s what this country needs to continue to stand its ground on.

PS: Comment below if you feel differently or just want to be a pain in my ass. You can also chirp me on twitter @Captnjack24. Also, if people want a mock draft or coverage of National Signing Day for College Football comment below and I’ll write those up. Thanks for the feedback.

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  1. Rmclaughlin says:

    You’re a darsh

  2. I agree, though I wouldn’t have put it so… racistly? I know that many people who have this stance defend it by saying the word “tradition” over and over ad infinitum (and those opposed reply with a booming chorus of “racist, racist, racist!”), but the issue deserves some context Yes, I think it would be unprecedented to change such a well established nickname like the Redskins. Not only in Washington, but at the multiple schools on American Indian reservations that proudly bear the nickname when their teams take the field. But to say that “Redskin” is derogatory (or that it isn’t) is to again refer to a diverse group of cultures as a generalized whole, which is an issue more troublesome than the term that represents it. And the fact is that most people don’t care. Most people have more important things to worry about than whether a team’s name is technically offensive or not. And as usual I believe this issue has been inflated by rich white people with nothing more important to do, who look to latch on to any and every cause, or thing to be outraged about, that makes them look like they care. And I honestly don’t know why the Washington Redskins have specifically come under fire for a name referring to Native Americans, at least more than its peers. Maybe because the term is more inflammatory, but it could also be because Dan Snyder is just a dick. Also, I am totally biased because my favorite nicknames, logos and uniforms in sports are often those based on or referring to Native Americans or tribes (See: Blackhawks, Braves, etc.). But I don’t like the tradition argument. I don’t think tradition is what makes America great (the parts of this country that cling most zealously onto tradition often resemble 3rd world countries themselves), and the Red Sox’ recent departure from it’s rich tradition of always losing has been pleasant in my opinion. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I much prefer the “who gives a shit, their uniforms are pretty” argument.

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