Magic Johnson: From Burgah King to strictly fries with a shake

The Magic Johnson story is a terrible story Burgah wise, but in all others fields, Magic hashtag gets pleys. Magic started off his Burgah career at Everett High School in Lansing Michigan with Lucinda Williams and Meredith Caldwell at age 17. This mush started the Burgah career with a McDouble and before he knew it, he was ordering Big Macs 2 at a time. Magic obviously got plenty of pley at Michigan State but once he hit L.A, things got raunch. Magic claimed he slept with 300-500 women a year. Unfortunately the era of Magic being the Burgah King came to an end when the horrific news came out that he was HIV positive. It’s unexplainable the sickness he has probably gone through and to add to it, all he can get now is some fries with a shake. But Magic is thriving in all other aspects of life so who gives a fuck. Burgahs come and go , you know that ( J Cole voice). Magic has donated a lot of his money to HIV research, he has a school for kids who can’t afford private school, is a partial owner of the L.A Dodgers, still remains a part of the L.A Lakers, and his first name is Magic. Salutè Magic for making the world a better place. And I’m not just sure about that… I am HIV positive.

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