Charles of the Day: Charlie Stewart

Charles of the day:  Charlie Stewart

Charlie Stewart (born September 9, 1993) is an American actor. Stewart played the role of Bob in Zack and Cody, which can be seen on the Disney Channel. He has appeared in several commercials, for products such as Leapfrog, Twister, and Toys “R” US. Yes, this kid looks like a complete charles but he probably gets more burgahs than me because he’s an actor on the disney channel. Hopefully this young Charles can continue to amplify his success and not burn out like some other Disney Actors (see Lindsey Lohan for cocaine, Lizzie McGuire for meth, and the one and only Elijah Whitlock from the High School Musical who tried to rob a pizza place at gunpoint.) Charlie, we all hope you stay on track and continue to be a huge Charles.

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