Just when you thought kids could not get any worst

Children are struggling world wide. Little league numbers are down, video game numbers are up, and they are being sheltered from the real world because of our liberal school system. At a middle school in Rhode Island, kids are snorting smarties. Just when I thought they could not get any worst, this story comes up. Generations are getting exponentially worst with time, and change needs to come in order for the world to have any future.

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  1. Grammarpolice says:

    The spelling and grammar in every article is terrible. I mean REALLY fucking bad. Step it up yo. Re-read your articles at least once before you fucking post that garbage. And what do you know about the real world? Have you ever left the lake? The only “culture” you know is your own.

    1. tackstyles says:

      show me an example of bad grammar/spelling that changes meaning of a sentence. Show me.

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