Que Tal: Ecuador has some serious Cultouuur


Quick Ecuador culture rundown: Tropical, mountainous, and straight forward. People who are fat are called fat to their face, and then everyone laughs. America could learn something form the blunt culture. No backhanded compliments, or protecting people’s feelings.

 Within 5 hours of meeting my host family I was in a Church. When I whispered into my host brother’s ear that I was a Judeo (Joo), it got a little awkward. They definitely have never met a Yid before, and I tried my best to explain to him that I had not shaved my horns or shape-shifted. Turns out they take that dude Jesus pretty seriously, over here. 

Afterwards, I ate dinner with my brother’s girlfriends family. Pretty sure he was more nervous than me. And I still haven’t been referred to as a Gringo, yet….

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