Patriots (moneyline) OVER Broncos

Geach on the right

-Not saying this because I’m Boston born and raised, but the Pats are winning this game. Ok….maybe I am saying that because I’m Boston born and raised, but I have real reasoning…

-Brady is 10-0 when a 4 point underdog or more

-Broncos have a terrible run defense. Even if they can stop our running game…it will give the best QB of our generation more space and time to pick apart their secondary…

-The Broncos secondary. Injured, depleted, and never that good to begin with.

-I know this may sound crazy, but this is the healthiest the Pats have been all season. Disregarding all the injured reserve players, everyone else is playing. Pats have both safeties healthy, all 3 cornerbacks healthy, a linebacker/defensive line core who have been playing together for 3 weeks now. Aaron Dobson is coming back this week as well. He may not be a big factor, but just having him out wide in the 3wr packages with Edelman and Amendola is a much-needed decoy. He provides a big play threat that the Broncos have to account for. Offensive line is as healthy as they can be, and Brady has fully recovered from the sniffles.

-When I was 11, I won a fantasy baseball league with all of my dad’s friends and coworkers. 500 people in the league and a 4th grader won. I had to give a speech at a country club in front of 500 older men. That nervousness=Peyton’s nervousness before big playoff games. That’s his reputation and he can’t shake it. It’s in his head. He knows that everyone else knows he’s going to choke…so he chokes. During that speech, the nerves took over.  I said I was 12 and my favorite baseball player was Trot Nixon, which were both blatant lies. Troy O’leary was my favorite player at the time. Same thing will happen to Peyton. I see at least 2 interceptions and multiple mental gaffs today.

-Belichick knows Peyton and John Fox very well. I expect a great game plan on both sides of the ball and I expect the Pats to execute. Brady is going to play mistake free football, the 3 headed monster is gonna run it down their throats, and are defense is going to play justtttt mediocre enough to stop the highest scoring offense of all time. Its going to be a lower scoring game than most people expect, but Brady will make a couple more plays than Manning:


PATRIOTS-27                   BRONCOS- 24

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