Turkey Burgahs and the City

Turkey Burgahs in the City

I have never seen more irony in a TV show, especially since I used to watch Sex and the City. Yes, that’s true and I don’t give two shits what any of you think of me. Yes, Kim Catrall is kind of a burgah at best and i’d let her touch my culture but none of the four characters can be considered gourmet burgahs. C’mon, HBO? You can’t find burgahs any better than this? I’m not saying i’m a stud or anything but if you gave me a show on HBO I could find burgahs that would be way juicer than the burgahs that Darren Star found.  As for Matthew Broderick, how to you go from Sloan Peterson in Ferris Bueller’s day off to Sarah Jessica Parker? That’s like going from eating a burgah at the Capital Grille to eating a quarter pounder on Mickey D’s. C’mon, bro. I know you’re a charles and all but you can do better. Ladies, please undersand where i’m coming from. We want to see tasty burgahs having sex in the city, not turkey burgahs. At least we have porn and entourage.

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