The Ultimate Mush Hangover cure

1) Sploife
First things first, zoot a nice sploife, with either the Burgah you woke up with or a pal. Don’t face the sploife because then you will get nauseous. Once the sploife is out you are ready for the next step.


2) Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on an English muffin
You might be thinking bagel over English muffin, but the bagel might fill you up too much. The bacon grease will absorb the alcohol and fill you up the right amount.


3) Java
A hot coffee in the winter or an iced coffee in the summer is essential for the hangover cure. Please don’t go to Starbucks where all the granola eating fucks are. The coffee will wake you up, helping you get ready for pley.


4) Gatorade

Great flavah to go with the post meal sploife. Replenish and get your electrolytes up. I recommend the Lemonade flavah. Gatorade is also essiential for the post hangover cure burgah.


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