Julia “Turkey Burger” Roberts

I found myself watching “August: Ossage County” with my mom, and I realized that this movie was basically about a bunch of dramatic women with the hottest one of the bunch being my girl Julia Roberts. Now, I know the topic of Julia Roberts and her attractiveness has sparked a great deal of debate, but whatever, she could catch it. She’s not the cream of the crop by any means, but as Michael Bennington likes to say, she’s a turkey burger. Referring to her as a turkey burger, essentially means that you would settle for her, but given the option between a turkey burger, and a hamburger (Courtney Cox), you obviously go for the hamburger. Regardless, given the option to spend a night with Julia Roberts in a Motel 6, I would quickly seize the opportunity. I’ve gone ahead and provided some photos of JR for reference.

– BigD2l

?????????????????????????????????? JR1 JR

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