Two Legends who’s reputation has tarnished their culture

I know that these two guys are two of the most hated athletes in the world, but the fact of the matter is that their actions that caused their demise and stained their immaculate reputations pales in comparison to the philanthropy and their acts of altruism that have had a major impact on society.
What you might not know about Lance Armstrong is that he founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation in 1997, which supports people affected by cancer. The foundation has raised over 325 million dollars through the sales of the Livestrong bracelets alone. Yes, i’m sure most of you own one because it was the cool conformist thing to do at the time when sales hit their peak. In 2001, Armstrong funded Wonder and Worries, a non-profit organization in Austin, Texas that provides counseling and support for children who have a parent with a serious or life-threatening disease.

Tiger Woods is an individual that has had such an impact on the game of golf, that he has caused his own demise for dominance. He has influenced not only many African-Americans to take up golf, but has made the game of golf relevant all over the world. In 1996, Woods and his father established the Tiger Woods foundation, which conducts junior golf clinics and provides college-access programs for the unprivileged youth.

Jealousy breeds envy, and that is a huge reason why people tend to overlook the selfless acts by two these two guys. So what if Woods cheated on his wife with a bunch of dirty whores and Armstrong lied about not using steroids. Like none of us have ever lied or cheated. They have changed lives and inspired millions of individuals to succeed in being virtuous human beings. For all of you critics out there, back the fuck off and suck a fat one because you will never have culture anywhere near where these guys do.

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