AFC championship game preview: Keys to a Broncos victory

Peyton needs this game. I dont believe a game could have more riding on it than this one. Peyton needs to add “ability to beat Tom Brady” to his hall of fame resume. Brady needs to add “can win big playoff games on the road” to his. Oh ya…and the winner goes to the Super Bowl. Here are the keys for a Broncos victory:

Stop the Patriots’ running game

If the Broncos can slow down the 3 headed monster of Blount, Vereen, and Ridley, it will force Brady to beat them down the field. I know Denver’s secondary is weak right now, but forcing the so called playmakers of the Patriots offense to beat them through the air, rather than the ground, is key. Pats look like they can run through any team, so the Broncos should make the Pats beat them with the pass.

Get pressure on Tom Brady

This will be difficult without Von Miller + the strength of the Pats O-line. If denver can cause some pressure with a 4-man rush, Brady’s rhythm will be disturbed.

Get Wes Welker/Eric Decker involved early

If Peyton can find his white receivers early, then the Pats will have to change their gameplan. They may go from a man, to a zone. If the Broncos execute, it will give Demaryius Thomas more room over the top of the zone.

Keep Chandler Jones out of the pocket

Keep Manning protected. Cant have Manning worrying about Jones every play or hell throw the ball when hes not ready.

Mix both Moreno and Ball into the game

Keep the Patriots defense guessing. They like to run down the middle with ball, and the outsides with Moreno. If they can mix both Ball and Moreno into the game, using them in different ways, the Pats defense will be on its heels, giving Manning more time to make the right decision.

Dont give Brady the ball with 2 minutes left and a chance to win


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