A cultural comeback story that you should all know

A cultural comeback story that you should all know

Anyone who watches sports knows Marv Albert. His unique baritone has made him perhaps the most coveted sports announcer in the United States. Just three years ago, Marv Albert left calling Nets games for the YES network and was offered a job for the NFL on CBS. Who would have thought this in 1997, when Albert was charged with forcible sodomy, where his female acquaintance accused him of having fetishes for biting, male-male-female threesomes and ladies’ underwear. Albert was found guilty of biting the woman who sued him, and he was suspended from NBC, where he had called NBA games for over 20 years. (Bob Costas, the short, weird looking guy took his place.) Yes, Marv, you are a straight up weirdo that likes to wear women’s underwear, but the fact of the matter is that your voice is too damn good to be taken away from us. You think Joe Buck or Tim McCarver would have gotten away with these ridiculous stunts that Albert pulled? Hell no. The only reason that Mike Tirico got away with groping and stalking charges of female co-workers is probably because ESPN felt bad for him for getting no pley. Marv, you might be one sick dude, but your culture deserves it’s place in pro sports.

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