1 week, 30,000 views, & plenty of culture… All thanks to you.

We did it. We finally did it. We got off the couch and kinda did something.

It has officially been 1 week since the now infamous blog that is TouchMyCulture was started. An eclectically interesting group of people with varied and expansive views on life (chieffffff is even a non-zooter) have come together to form what is now the fetus stage of our website. We have been received with grace by the Internet gods and have well-surpassed where I thought we would be at one week into our undertaking (my dad still doesn’t believe we’re actually getting as many views as we are). Therefore, we are incredibly grateful to all of our readers and hope they continue to touch our culture. Thanks to everyone who either shared it, told somebody about it, or are simply enjoying it. We appreciate any attention at all. We are here to have fun and entertain the public, and hopefully we can continue to do that.

However, I am going to take this blog in a more somber direction. I would like to dedicate our one week anniversary post to someone who was a true friend of all us here at TMC. Adam London.

I don’t want to get into his story too much. If you don’t who he is or about the Pledge to Adam, you can read about it here. But Adam was always teaming up and doing things. He was adventurous, and strong-willed (the nice word for stubborn as a goat), and he was always about the group.

And the thing with groups is that when you’re with your friends, life is easier. It’s easier to be excited and motivated. Adam was a great friend, and I’d like to think that he would have loved this website. Actually, he would most likely be a part of this..

But, I think that’s why Adam had such a positive and lasting influence on me. Adam was always thinking about some new plan or idea. When we were young it was lemonade stands and a dog-walking business, and, as he got older, he developed that ambitious and energetic attitude. An attitude that I try to emulate to this day. An attitude that thrived on synergy with others.

This blog is a testament to friendship. Had we not done this together, I doubt many of our writers would’ve ever blogged. Jeez, how would the world know who the Geach of the week is? But, real talk, we’ve had a great time doing it, and we hope you have enjoyed it, as well.

We ask 3 things.

First, read and sign the Promise to Adam. It’s a deeply touching story with a lesson that is ignored far too often. A promise to yourself should be more important than a promise to anyone else.

Second, get up and do something with your friends. Something different and new.

Third and most importantly; touch our culture.

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