This guy is a phony and has no culture

This guy is a phony and has no culture

This guy has four wives, so it would not be factual for me to say that he gets no pley. At the same time, look at the burgahs that he get pleys from. Polygamy was banned from the Church of Latter Day Saints in 1890 and is illegal in Utah, and this Charles still thought it was ok to make a TV show about having multiple wives, which opened himself up to criminal prosecution. They later fled to Las Vegas where they currently reside. Here’s the problem, this guy claims that he’s trying to spread his beliefs, but really he’s just making an industry out of him being a polygamist. This guy might seem like a lovable heartwarming guy on the show, but in reality he’s just a douche that gets turkey burgahs. This is twenty first century soap opera TV at it’s finest, my friends.

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  1. Le James says:

    Say NO to turkey burgahs!

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