The Top 5 Biggest Foreheads in Sports


5. Landon Donovan

Claim to fame: Hating Mexicans and fucking Clint Dempsey’s sister


4. Shelden Williams

Claim to fame: “2009 Ugliest Player in the NBA” (voted by fans). Conceived a child with Candace Parker, stretching her already record-setting clitoris to more than 16 inches long.


3. Placido Polanco

Claim to fame: Took steroids, doesn’t speak English.


2. Peyton Manning

Claim to fame: Huge pussy. Fantasy Football Hall of Fame

Cheick Tiote

1. Cheick Tiote

Claim to fame: On the same national team as Drogba. Biggest dome in EPL

One Comment Add yours

  1. antiTomBrady says:

    how is Lebron not on this?? his headband can’t even hide that bad boy

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