How to avoid food poisoning in your burgah

Look, i’m not Dr. Phil, but I know that relationships are hard. The fact of the matter is that there are so many burgahs out there to eat. It’s fascinating that the humans have found to continuously fall into the burgah trap. For example, if I have a hot girlfriend, I can compare her to a gourmet Ruth Chris Burgah. That burgah might taste really good for a while, but eventually you’re going to want to eat other burgahs and along the way, you might find some culture in that Ruth Chris burgah that you did not know was there when you agreed to be exclusive with that burgah. Maybe that Ruth Chris burgah was eating other burgahs behind your back when you didn’t know, or what if that burgah only agreed to be with you because she knew that you could afford her burgah. Basically with the combination of becoming exclusive with that burgah without a prenup and alimony, this could leave your wallet empty and with food poisoning from that burgah. Take for example Robert DeNiro in Casino. He started getting Sharon Stone’s very tasty burgah and it sure tasted good for a while, but she became a coke whore and was pleying with his best friend and business partner, Joe Pesci, behind his back. Just a tip word of advise, before you commit to eating one specific burgah for a long period of time, you better you know the exact ingredients in that burgah no matter how gourmet it might look.


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