Big BIN BIN Franklin got his culture touched

Big BIN BIN Franklin got his culture touched

Everyone knows that Benjamin here is on the C-Note, founded electricity and the 6th president of the Pennsylvania. What some people may not know about Franklin, is that he loved getting his culture touched.
When Benjamin “Savage” Franklin wasn’t spending his time being a political figure, he found himself spending time at the Hellfire Club. For those of you who are unaware what the Hellfire Club is, lets just say it was the eighteenth century’s version of Hong Kong’s Gentleman’s Club located in Tijuana, Mexico.
Now picture a raunchy strip club with filled with alcohol, voluptuous burgahs and music. Now that you have that picture in your mind, imagine big old BIN BIN Franklin running around the place getting ignorant as fuck. We all know the guy had bankrolls, and when you have bankrolls the burgahs will flock, and flock they did.
BIN BIN wasn’t just intrigued with the ladies in Hellfire, he also had other burgahs on the side. Personally i’m fond of a nice brazilian or italian burgah, but big BIN BIN’s burgah of choice resides in france. Now I know he didn’t go to france just for the fries…..he wanted the madame’s and the duchesses.
His most famous affairs were with Madame Brillon and Madame Helvétius. The affairs were on going and not just limited to these women. He also was fond of Duchess de La Rochefoucauld and Countess d’Houdetot. All four of these women were successful, smart, and apparently down with Mr. Franklins diggadoo. Honestly though, who wouldn’t be down to do the “no pants dance” with him, he’s an absolute stud. Not to mention his flow absolutely killed the game and probably makes Barry Melrose a little jealous.

Also a little fun fact here: Benjamin Franklin and Madame Brillon settled their differences with this peace treaty. Look at Articles 8 & 9, Big BIN BIN took orders from ZERO BURGAHS, not matter how freaky they were under the sheets.

-Articles for a Treaty of Peace with Madame Brillon Passy, July 27.
There shall be eternal Peace, Friendship & Love, between Madame
B. and Mr F.
…In order to maintain the same inviolably, Made B. on her Part
stipulates and agrees, that Mr F. shall come to her whenever she
sends for him.
ART. 3.
That he shall stay with her as long as she pleases.
ART. 4.
That when he is with her, he shall be oblig’d to drink Tea,
play Chess, hear Musick; or do any other thing that she requires of
ART. 5.
And that he shall love no other Woman but herself. Ben Franklin and the Ladies of Paris
ART. 6.
And the said Mr F. on his part stipulates and agrees, that he
will go away from M. B.’s whenever he pleases.
ART. 7.
That he will stay away as long as he pleases.
ART. 8.
That when he is with her, he will do what he pleases.
ART. 9.
And that he will love any other Woman as far as he finds her


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