Bearded Man Confuses Me with Victor Moone


The south side of Chicago is Iraq without the muslims.  Sex, violence, bad weather, and a cult that believes Derrick Rose tore his ACL to save our sins.  Not a good place to live or go to school.

One night we heard the doorbell ring at 3am only to find intoxicated James Harden holding a kitchen knife on our front lawn.  Look, I have no issue with the free speech clause (the Obama residence is two blocks away) but I just couldn’t let him in.  Couldn’t trust him.  True story. When I told him I’d pray for him he was visibly upset. This was about a month ago.

So I wake up this morning to find two dozen pennies poured out all over my front porch (a similar joke had been made in the outfield of a Newton North-CM baseball game several years ago.  Got quite the laugh out of Coach Sis).  James Harden must’ve thought he was HILARIOUS with the subtle anti-Semitic humor because I’m white and wouldn’t contribute to his addiction to Popeye’s biscuits and cough syrup.  But there’s one problem, James: I’m not Victor Moone.  He doesn’t live here.  All you had to do was ask politely in English, maybe offer some mid-tier tickets to the next Bulls-Rockets game, and I would’ve sprinkled you with food like Happy Gilmore did for that Mista-Mista lady.

Do Victor Moone and I really look alike? Just one of those classic mix-up’s, right?

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