America’s worst idol: Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber is a world wide known name, which sometimes I cry about. There was white girl found in Justin Bieber’s house. Bieber’s house was searched because there was an egg attack on his neighbor.There was $20,000 of egg damages. They found cocaine on one of Bieber’s guests, obviously Justin payed for that culture. This is the most absurd cocaine case in justice history. But it is terrible for our country and maybe even the world. Millions and millions of children idolize Bieber and one day they are going to find out that he was not the angel they thought he was. Obviously it is absurd that people watch every step Justin takes but his target audience is the younger generation and everything that goes with his product should be suitable for them. I did not think the pot rumors were a problem because nobody who bleaches their hair smokes weed, I hope, as well as by the time this generation gets old, pot will be recreational like dodgeball. Bieber is doing the typical, “no comment”, with the media. Unfortunately the entertainment business is who people look up to, and this clown actually has a following. Instead of aspiring to be an arrogant coke head these kids need to be looking up to somebody more like J Cole.


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