Woody Allen wins Cecile B. DeMille Tribute

Woody Allen will die a top 3 film maker. Woody writes, acts, and directs. This dude might be the coolest moone. He has won numerous awards but does not attend award shows. When he won his first Oscar, he played the clarinet with his jazz band instead of attending the Oscars. Woody gets so much pley in his movies, and if he isn’t the main male actor, whoever leads his movie, is guaranteed a Burgah at some point. Woody has mastered the romantic comedy and if you have not seen his films, get the fuck off of Netflix and do so. And if you’re stuck on Netflix, watch Manhattan.


3 Comments Add yours

    1. It was probably a genius psychological plot for a movie he was making

  1. He might be a weirdo but he makes unbelievable films

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