The Moone take: Pizza, Pillow or Weather.

I choose the pillow….. But first ugu!

My opinion on Tack’s earlier post. It’s really a no-brainer for me.  Pizza can easily be replaced by a calzone so that’s eliminated. Pillow vs. 70+ degree weather is a bit more tricky. Sitting on the beach with a sploife and some mixed drank is phenomenal culture. However, a lack of a pillow (I’m assuming you can’t ball up a sweatshirt or anything like that) would result in the arm-pillow, which is always a bad experience. Something always gets too sweaty, and you wake up with zero feeling in your hand. But I have been on a recent skiing tear (the most exhilarating sport out there) , so right now I am fine living my life amongst the colder mountains of the world and sleeping like a baby at night, doing 360’s and shredding some Pau Gasol. So give me my pillow.  Temperpedic or bust.

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