Soooo A-Rod’s a Charles

Everyone knows that Alex Rodriguez was using steroids since the first day he swung a bat. As much talent as this man has, he felt the need to get a little extra help from Anthony Bosch. Now Mr. Bosch here is quite the geach. Besides the fact that he found himself dealing with one of the biggest scums on the earth, rumor has that Anthony Bosch has quite the beanie baby collection, but that story is for a different day.

Anthony may be a snitch, but we can all appreciate what he did. Everyone and their momma knew what Rodriguez was up to behind all the home runs, we just couldn’t find the dirt…That is until last night. Mr. Bosch spilled the beans on A-Rod’s secret last night on an interveiw with “60 Minutes.” Anthony told everything, and by everything I literally mean everything.

“Rodriguez paid him $12,000 per month to provide him with an assortment of banned drugs that included testosterone and human growth hormone.” – Associate press sporting newsy

On top of this, Bosch also explained how Rodriguez and him were all about shooting up in the bathroom stalls of Miami clubs. When asked what was going through his mind at the time, Anthony simply replied with, “I’m not getting paid enough.” This money hungry man just became a legend and my book.

PS. Apparently A-Rod centaur paintings are a thing. Check it.


a rod c 3 arod c 2 arod c 1



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