Movies You Should Burgah To

The Titanic

titanticThe Titanic is the perfect movie to burgah to. With that amount of time, you could go 4 rounds, depending on burgah stamina of course, and still see the good parts of the movie. Plus every burgah is moist once Leo hits the screen, luckily you’re the only guy in the room for pley. Everybody has already seen the movie, so it does not matter if you miss any of it, leaving plenty of time to put ketchup, mayo, and maybe even some bacon on that burgah. The end is very sad, you can either put a cherry pepper on that burgah and go 1 last round to the movie, or sit through the somber, making her sad and vulnerable… paving the way for pley. THIS IS A TOUCHMYCULTURE MUST BURGAH TO.

The Notebook

the notebookFirst things first, every girl wants Ryan Gosling to put a ring on them instantly, no woman would decline. On the flip side, if I ever had the chance, I would propose to Rachel McAdams. It does not end there, with the right finances, I would retire and never leave our bedroom. So automatically, both parties are in the mood for a burgah at some point. This also is an incredible love story, which is great for a sesh with the ex and could rekindle the flame. Love finds it way and leaves everybody happy at the end. A burgah to this movie can lead to a filet mignon.

The Wolf of Wall StreetTHE WOLF OF WALL STREETI do not think many people have had the chance but once this leaves theaters it will be a perfect movie to the light up the grill to. This movie is 3 hours of money, drugs, and sex. Margot Robbie made me go from 6 to midnight at least twice and we all know broads dig Leo. Maybe even some girls dig Jonah Hill, it’s kind of like guys who like bigger girls, girls definitely like some chubby dudes to cuddle with. Hopefully you went and saw this in theaters already but either way, great movie to watch once the grill is heated up.


baltoClassic dog gets the bitch story, not you girls, literally a dog gets a female dog. If I ever was a dog in my past life, I would have wanted a dog like Jenna. Balto is a mush dog, actually though, he races. During dog races they scream mush in the movie, and nothing is better than hearing somebody scream mush during a burgah. A good burgah will enjoy an underdog story. This is a burgah movie to throw on when you know when you get the text, “Lets watch a movie”, which you know for certain means, “let’s burgah”.

Billy Madison

billy madisonThat Veronica Vaughn is one piece of burgah. Everybody knows when you can make a girl laugh, good things can happen. This movie is an absolute classic, and the laughs never get old. This is a great movie to watch with a burgah you may think will be a little more expensive. Veronica was way out of Billy’s league. But if Billy can burgah Veronica, you too Charles, can get your burgah.

MUSH SIDE NOTE: You may not think these 5 movies have anything in common, but indeed they do. All 5 of these males are underdogs in their romance, with Balto literally being a dog. Jack from Titanic came from nothing snatches the rich girl from the douchebag and could at least die knowing she loved him. Noah faced many challenges to get back with Ally, because her parents did not want her to be with a poor man. Noah in the end, gets the gourmet burgah. Jordan Belfort started at the bottom, no Drake he’s not here, and rose to the top. Belfort rises to the top and lands Naomi Lapaglia. Balto who was half wolf, half dog battled with a wolf over a dog. Balto being the under half dog, beat the wolf and got his dog food. Billy… he made all the wrong mistakes, but learned from them. He made the necessary changes to get the ultimate pley, Veronica Vaughn. Mush personally loves an underdog story and there’s not much better than having a burgah to go with it.


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