Ill Liberal Alert! Ill Liberal Alert!

Several elementary schools across the country have eliminated the word ‘dice’ and replaced it with ‘numerical cubes’. They thought it could help prevent students from developing a gambling addiction in their future. These liberals need to figure out that bureaucracy does not solve every problem. Stop feeding these kids bullshit and introduce them into the real world. Gambling is real; addiction is real. Not saying the word “dice” isn’t going to change that. The younger generation have their eyes glued to their phones, computers, and video games like my eyes are glued to the TV whenever I see a Nicki Minaj music video. They need to get out and play kick the can or some shit. To make matters worse, parental protection levels are higher than Wiz Khalifa. Parents and teachers are shielding these children from everything and soon everybody will turn into the Bubble Boy. Nobody is going to stop teenagers from doing drugs, drinking, gambling, fighting, or any other bad behaviors teenagers do…. It’s just how the culture crumbles.

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