Broncos beat Chargers, Don’t cover -10.5

This is what we call a butt-clencher. Broncos win, but not by 10. Quick stat that has nothing to do with this game:


PEYTON MANNING: 12 Playoff appearances, 8 times ELIMINATED in first playoff game.

-Both games between these teams have been competitive, and this one won’t be any different. They are very familiar with eachother, and the Chargers match up with the Broncos better than most teams in the league.

Matchup 1: Danny Woodhead vs Broncos Linebackers

DW had 76 receptions (2nd amongst RBs) and 6 receiving TDs (1st amongst RBs). Woody killed the Broncos in the Chargers victory, so it will be interesting to see how John Fox adjusts.

-Matchup 2: Chargers D Line vs Broncos O line

Simple as this: Peyton under pressure=TIM Hassleback

-Matchup 3: Wes Welker vs. His own hands

I can think of at least 4 CRUCIAL drops Stonehands had as a Pat. It’ll kill me when he makes that huge catch today.

Chargers are a good football team, and even though Philip Rivers is a huge idiot, he can occasionally sling it pretty well.


It’s also a plus that Peyton is a nervous wreck right now. Bed-wetting central. If the Broncos can contain the Woody, pun intended; if Peyton gets time in the pocket; and if Wes decides to make pleys, the Broncos will win this ballgame.

BRONCOS: 27            CHARGERS: 24

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