“Us Wilmington’s can dance, play some ball, and will fight a n**ga if we have to, but swimming just ain’t in our DNA”.



Soooo Mrs. Wilmington is suing Beyonce for encouraging her daughter to go out into the ocean, on a surfboard, with her boyfriend, give him head, and unfortunately drowning. Maybe if Beyonce sang about giving head while jumping off the golden gate bridge than this wouldnt happen?? Maybe if you provided your daughter with a kayak instead of surfboard this wouldnt have happened?? Maybe if you encouraged your daughter to listen to Miley Cyrus instead, then shed be safe inside smoking weed all day and twerking on her Boyfriends dick. No, Mrs. Wilmington, Beyonce is an angel. Everyone knows it. Your daughter was just horny. You should be sued for not giving her swim lessons like every other parent in the world. Whenever you want to play ball Mrs Wilmington, come touch our culture.


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