Seahawks -8.5 OVER Saints

seattle guy

Going way over the top for football games, and rain. Thats what Seattle does.

-The Saints play 10 games a season in a dome. 100% chance rain in Seattle today.

-Saints think they are so cute and ready. They practiced with wet footballs, blasted sound to imitate the Seahawks 12th men, and put Seahawks logos on their practice field. That’s adorable Sean Payton, but how about focusing on how you’re awful run defense is going to stop Marshawn. How about focusing on how Drew Brees didn’t show up against the worst pass defense in the league last week. How about focusing on keeping Russell Wilson in the pocket…not on how to prepare your team against noise…

-Seattle is going to blitz Drew Brees all day and force him to make quick decisions. Brees has trouble without time, and those safeties for Seattle break on the ball better than any tandem in the league. Look for the Saints to unsuccessfully try to establish the run game early to freeze the safeties, and then look for those safeties not to be fooled when the play action comes. Turnover city.

The last matchup Seattle won 34-7. I don’t expect the same type of blowout, but with 2 weeks preparation, playing in conditions they’re used to, and facing a mediocre Saints offense and a mediocre Saints defense, I expect another easy victory.

SEAHAWKS- 27        SAINTS- 17


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