Patriots -7.5 OVER Colts

andre luck geac

Andrew Luck thinks he’s going to come into the home of #BloodSweatBeards with his prepubescent ratchet ass beard and get a victory…not gonna happen.

-Belichick and Brady are 13-3 after bye weeks in their career together

-Colts play in a dome. Weather forecast for tonight= heavy rain and 45 mph winds

-Nate Solder coming back is going to be huge. Robert Mathis disturbed Alex Smith the entire second half of that game. Solder has shut down Von Miller, Mario Williams, Cameron Wake, and basically every other defensive end he has faced. If Brady has time he can pick apart that Colts secondary.

-The Clock.  The famous “Patriot way” of marching down the field killing clock should keep Andrew and the boys on the sidelines.

-That colts secondary….shaky at best. They play a lot of man coverage, and with a hobbled up Darius Butler, expect Danny Amendola to have a big game. They will most likely have Vontae Davis follow Edelman everywhere, which will leave Butler on Amendola. Mismatch if Ive ever seen one.

-Andrew Luck can pick apart a zone defense. After the Chiefs starting cornerbacks both went down, they started to play zone…and that’s when the comeback started. Expect Belichick to try and put Dennard on the speedster TY Hilton wherever he goes. Aqib Talib can dominate big, physical receivers, but smaller, quick guys give him trouble (see Steve Smith). If Dennard cant keep up, Andrew Luck is going to have a field day against the Patriots secondary.

-Colts defense let up 28 first half points to an average offense. Once the Chiefs got banged up, they became one dimensional, and the Colts started forcing turnovers and forcing punts. The Pats will throw many looks at them today. Im looking for the 6 dimensional offense. 1) Pound it with Blount 2) I-formation with Ridley and Develin shoving it down their throats.  3) Motioning Vereen all around the field against those slow linebackers. The 3 headed Monster of Running Backs can control the clock and keep Luck off the field. 5) No huddle, keep Robert Mathis huffing and puffing and 6) Throw as many quick white guys running crossing routes against their dusty cornerbacks as possible

In the end, it comes down to which team has Bill Belichick, and which team doesnt. The experience of Belichick wont let a 2nd year QB pull off 2 straight miracles.


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