In honor of playoff football, top 5 Foods to eat while watching football

1) Wingschicken wing

Cant really debate this. Quick Power rankings= Honey BBQ, Buffalo, Honey Mustard, Jamaican Jerk, Teryaki.

2) Pizza 

pizza football

Easy, filling, delicious. Quick Power rankings= BBQ chicken, Cheese, Pepperoni with Onions and peppers, buffalo chicken, Bacon.

3) Chips and dip

chips and dip and football

Love chips and dip because you can continuously be eating for the entire game. If theres a variety of dips (quick power rankings= salsa, french onion, spinach, nacho cheese, ranch) then you can go a whole football game without getting bored of your food culture.

4) Sliders

 sliders football

Gave sliders the nod over burgers (not to be confused with burgahs, burgahs always get the nod) because of the convenience plus lack of judgement factor. You can have 4 sliders and no one thinks youre a fatass. You have two burgers and youre a Willy Mammoth. Also, you can put a variety of toppings on each of your burgers, rather than just one burger with limited toppings.

5) Beef Stew 

tom brady eagles superbowl beef stew

Beef Stew? Who the fuck eats beef stew while watching football?? February 4th 2004. Dad made beef stew and rice. Patriots come back against the Eagles, and win their 3rd Championship in 4 years. Now argue against Beef Stew I dare you.


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